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My Station Today:  A work in progress
Jeff Bauman
West Bloomfield, MI  48322
Left is my novice station from 1965.  The receiver is a Hallicrafters S-107.  The transmitter below it runs a single 6DQ6 and I built it from an early '60s Handbook article.  At age 14, no one ever told me cabinets should be metal, not wood!

Below the transmitter is an amplifier I built in 1966 that runs a pair of 811-A's in grounded-grid.

Transmitters progressed to a Globe HG-303, Heathkit DX-60A, and Central Electronics 100V before the big move to a TS-940SAT many years later.

Receiver upgrades over the years included a Lafayette HA-350, then Collins 75S-3.
Right is the beginning stages of both an SWL listening post in the wheeled rack cabinet, and another vintage operating position based on a Howard Mills restored 51J-4 (with added product detector) and my CE-100V when I move it there.  Once I locate a GPR-90 and find/build a power supply for the TMC PAL-500 amp driven by an SBE-2 .5 watt exciter pictured, I will have a half-KW all-mode TMC station as well.

Don't ask me why I want that.

The SWL post includes receivers by Racal, Watkins-Johnson, and Collins spanning hf through microwave.  They are all front-ended by a TMC HF Antenna Multicoupler so that all can be used concurrently with no degradation in received signal.

I have no logical explanation for why I want that either.
1978 - 1983:  The shack as WB5KZW in Sparta, NJ.  CE-100V, 75S-3, 2 element Swan tribander, and dipoles.
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